Yoga classes are mainly Vinyasa and Hatha style. I like to flow through the asanas, finding the connection between body and mind through the breath.  

My Yoga journey


I first started practising Yoga when I was 18. It was my first year in the dance conservatory and we had it as part of our training. I remember the struggle going through the asanas and how being able to breath freely was a challenge. Although I had a slight dance background, I was neither flexible nor strong. 

I continued practicing Yoga during my training, focusing mainly on the physical side. It was not until a couple of years ago, when I had the chance to meet an incredible teacher, that I rediscovered yoga and what it meant to me. I was going through a difficult time and Yoga helped me to focus on a practice I loved and cared about and more importantly I learnt to be gentle with myself. My body changed and it is still changing but what really stroke me was the fact that I started to change my way of thinking.

Finding Yoga so helpful personally, I decided to try and help others through teaching. That is why I enrolled on my first Multi-style YTT with Green Yoga International. My classes are mainly Vinyasa and Hatha style. I like to consider my students individually since everyone has a different body and safety is a priority for me. I provide different options in asanas depending on bodies and individual needs. I truly believe in progress through practice and faith and I find my students' commitment towards their practice extremely rewarding. There is something strikingly beautiful about helping others find tranquility of mind and body. 

Since my training I try to practice consistently. I go to every workshop I can as part of my professional development. I have learnt from international teachers such as Ambra Vallo, Simon Park, Yoshio Hama, Angelo Cecchi, Andrei Ram...My background also includes Iyengar, which I practiced during 3 years.

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