Funded by the Basque Government 

Performed at:

  • Dantzan Bilaka, Tabakalera, Donosti

  • Festival Gau Irekia 2019

Room refers to the personal space and the notion of home. It originates from personal experiences. From going back home after many years abroad. From the desire of forging a home and a personal space. And consequently rising the question: what is truly a home?




Write your dance

Performed at:

  • Festival Gau Irekia 2018, Bilbao 

  • #TRIBE 17 International Art Festival, London

      Curated by LA JUAN Gallery, Madrid

An interactive dance performance in which the audience is invited to write their own dance scores. Through a language based on symbols and numbers, the dancers perform ephimeral, unique solos, duets or quartets.








Performed at:

La Usina

Espacio en Blanco

Mercado de San Fernando de Lavapiés




Music: John White+sound scape




Each one of us constructs its own labyrinth in which we lock ourselves, in which we loose ourselves, in which we bump in to walls that emerge from nowhere. Not knowing where to go, sinking in to a spiral of uncertainity, making decisions blindly, not seeing... Are we, in fact, victims of our own thoughts and, just as happened to Theseus, we all need a  thread that helps us finding the way out?





Le rouge nº 6


Performed at Trinity Laban (London)

Music: L. Pavarotti: 'La Donna é Mobile'  (2000)

Performers: Lydia Buckler & Rosalynd Carrie



Starting from Foucault's theories of discourse, gender and power, a critical outlook is offered by depicting the gendered roles existing in nowadays society through a satyrical perspective, questioning the norms and preconceptions related to social power and success.